All You Need to Know About Cashmere

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Despite its reputation as the finest material for the cold months of the year, cashmere and its unique properties are often not fully understood by customers.

Quality cashmere is not only the finest, softest and warmest yarn, but it is also a very durable product, which can easily last 10 years and over 200 wears when taken care of properly.

In this article we explore its qualities, the difference between good and bad cashmere, and how to assess it.

Lastly, we will explain how to take care of your cashmere knitwear over the years.

At the end you will be able to judge if you are getting value for your money and you will know how to make the most of your garment. Wearing great cashmere will become a luxurious addiction and it will be difficult to switch back to normal wool.


All You Need to Know About Cashmere The Connoisseur guide

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